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I've written several TV pilot spec scripts, little wordsmith that I am, but I've also been paid to write! From magazine and website articles to scripts for YouTube and corporate training videos, I've written for many varied projects over the years. Below is a small selection of my work.


I wrote my first script, A Bug's Life 2, when I was in kindergarten. Unfortunately Pixar passed on that project, but my love of script writing was solidified from then on. In the years since elementary school I attended SAIT for film and video production, where I learned more about formatting and structure, and have continued to devour books, essays, and lectures on scripts, character, structure, and storytelling. Here are some highlights of my work from more recent years:

WriterDuet 48 Hour Screenplay Throwdown Entries:

2B or Not 2B - 2021 Semi-Finalist

The competition rules stipulated that all screenplays had to reveal a secret and involve a pencil in some way. My four page script 2B or Not 2B was selected as a semi-finalist.

Picture Perfect - 2022 Semi-Finalist

The rules for the 2022 competition included working in the theme "now or never" and required the scripts be no more than three pages. Picture Perfect was selected as a semi-finalist.

Channel 101:

I've written and directed many different pilots and shorts that were accepted and screened at the monthly Channel 101 event in Los Angeles. Drama High was one such pilot and was even nominated at the 2021 Channie Awards.

Articles, Copy, & Blogs

Well, first of all, check out my Personal Blog. On top of that, I've written advertising copy, copy for educational programs, as well as full articles for both online and print publications. Here are some highlights:

I've written over a hundred articles for Gamerant, but two of my favourites are:

1) GLAAD Reveals Winners of 32nd Annual Show - An article in which I was able to cover a serious topic in great detail.

2) Minecraft Player Creates Horrifying Giant Chicken - An article in which I was able to cover a very light, humorous topic and have fun with the idea.


Beatroute Magazine:

For this article I had the pleasure of interviewing and writing about the band Leaving Thomas for the Canadian print magazine, Beatroute.

Click HERE to read the full article.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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