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Graphic Design

Logo design, podcast covers, icons, instagram ads, infographics. You name it, I've done it. Below are just a few examples of my work. Get in touch with me today so we can discuss your project.

My Work

Willow Meet and Greet Vertical

A poster design for Willow EOL featuring the company's founders, Reena and Michelle.

Six Seasons and a Podcast

Podcast cover art for Six Seasons & a Podcast, a show where the host Alex interviews cast and crew from the NBC sitcom Community.

Leadership IG Cover

Instagram highlight cover icon.

Hot Takes Podcast

Podcast cover art for the show Hot Takes, based on the logo for Tabasco hot sauce.

Drake Joeyband

Instagram image made for Joeyband, a company specializing in baby carrying devices, based on the Drake album cover.

Cuphead Art

A drawing of Cuphead chasing a calendar. Used for an article about the DLC for the game being delayed.

Bad Hombre Title Screen

Title page logo for the retro style, anti-Trump game Bad Hombre.



Pet-a-Pooloza Day 2-479(1).jpg


Nika Superhero Photoshop.png


Halloween Poster 2b.png


My Story

When not writing I completely absorb myself in the worlds of visual design, graphic creation, and video &
audio editing. After attending the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology for Film and Video Production, I

jumped head first into filming and editing music videos, weddings, and short films.

I have worked for years creating art for video games, including the graphics and animation for projects released through the professional publishing platform, Steam. Aside from video games, I have also created art and copy for company ad campaigns as well as posters and ads for local musical performances. In the realm of audio I have worked cleaning up the sound in podcasts, removing “um”s and “err”s from interviews, and making the guitars in songs sound just a little bit better than they actually are.


I live in the lovely, though frequently cold, Calgary, Canada, and can often be spotted working away in one of the city's local coffee shops in the seat nearest the functioning fireplace.

Nah, I'm just kidding. I never work in coffee shops. Paints quite a picture though, huh?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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