• Curtis Mutter

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Updated: Mar 27

Hi, I’m Curtis. This is where I’ll write some things, and this is the first thing I’m writing here. I know myself better than to promise that there will be something new posted every week. When I’m hired to work on something I hit those deadlines everytime, but when it comes to hobby writing and holding myself accountable to my own deadlines, things tend to slip. If you don’t get that, well then how’s that golf swing coming along, Gary? That’s what I thought.

There are so many Garys in the world. Just this morning a Gary told me that I should have done “a lot of colour correction” on a video of his. Well, I already colour corrected your stupid video a bunch, Gary. You shot it with the real lighting on the day with a DSLR on full auto. There’s only so much I can do, Gary.

I won’t only write about the social justice that contract video editors deserve. Mainly, I’ll probably write about light topics like how the 2D Sonic games really were better than Mario or how everything will end in the inevitable heat death of the universe so what’s the point of anything?

By the way, if you’re named Gary you may not necessarily be a Gary. Conversely, you might be named Sara, John, or Crystal and, really, truly, be a low-down, shitty Gary. For Gary is not a name. Well it is, but it’s also - it’s more - it’s a state of self-assured delusion and assumptive correctness with a twinge of a Karen’s “I need to speak to the manager” vibe.

So, two things:

  1. I’ll write things here when I write things here, please subscribe to the RSS feed.

  2. Fuck you, Gary. But not you, Gary. You’re a total Lucy. But Lucy’s a Nicole and Kevin is such a Gary you wouldn’t believe it.

Doing what Nintendon’t,



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