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Playing Catch Up

The difference between this blog and most others (besides the fact that this one isn't being written in 2006) is that I never promised at the beginning that I'd post consistently. No "writing Wednesday" here. No sir. I'm not some regular hack-ass writer. I'm an exceptional hack-ass writer.

But anyways, what's going on with you? Oh, me? Well, I wrote a script for the WriterDuet 24-hour screenwriting contest that placed in the semi-finals. I also made a pilot for Channel 101 that was accepted into the October screening. Ultimately it did not make it to primetime, but it was nominated for best failed pilot at the 2021 Channies, so, you know, I guess that's some kind of victory. Watch the pilot here:

Professional accomplish-ish-ments aside, baby's also got his first car. Its features include:

- A "go" pedal for going

- A "stop" pedal for stopping

In all honesty, a few years ago I didn't know how anyone with anxiety could drive and didn't think I'd ever be able to sit behind the wheel. But I took things one step at a time (step 1: book lessons, step 2: okay, now go to the first lesson, and on and on...) and I got it done!

Yes, it's a PT Cruiser. If you've got a problem with that then you're PT Cruisin' for a PT Bruisin'.

Well, this has been a pretty bloggy, life-updatey kinda post hasn't it? I better end with some Jerry Seinfeld type observational humour in order to keep the masses enthralled and entertained. Uh, mmm, hey, uh, you ever notice... Mmmm -- Oh, I got it! (What a cute bit that was, by the way, huh? Pretending I'm coming up with a joke that I've obviously already written. Genius. Simply genius. I'm a regular non-hack-ass writer). Okay, okay, here's the joke:

You ever notice that Google Drive calls its recycling bin the "trash" bin? It's Google Drive. The trash bin should be called Google Drove.

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