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Jimmy Liked Weed - A Poem

Jimmy liked weed and he liked it a lot,

And the weed Jimmy liked was the weed we call pot.

He smoked it on weekends and often quite more,

Like evenings and workdays and trips to the store.

But Jimmy one day met a terrible fate,

He smoked tons of weed and found himself late.

His boss yelled and screamed as he walked through the door,

"I guess," Jimmy thought, "I can't smoke anymore."

And so Jimmy was sober and always on time,

But yearned for some kush that was green as a lime.

"Sometimes," Jimmy thought, "life needs extra spice,"

So he called all his buds to ask for advice.

"You fool," a bud said, "See, there's more than one strain,"

Try different weed if your weed hurts your brain.

So Jimmy was happy, on time, and so high,

After learning he was more of a sativa guy.

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