• Curtis Mutter

Cuphead DLC Delayed... Again

Well folks, it’s official. The release of the Cuphead DLC, the Delicious Last Course, has been postponed to 2021. Studio MDHR, the indie studio behind Cuphead, delayed the initial game several times to ensure they (and in turn, the fans) would be satisfied with the final product, and it looks like things are no different this time around.

In a letter shared on twitter by Studio MDHR, founders Chad & Jared Moldenhauer said, “In true Studio MDHR fashion, we aren’t content for this final chapter to be anything less than our best work… We know many of you have been waiting to return to the Inkwell Isles, and our goal is to make the trip back there next year a truly magical one.”

The DLC for the notoriously difficult game will feature Ms. Chalice as a new playable character with a unique moveset as well as brand new animation. When it finally drops, The Delicious Last Course will continue the Cuphead story and is sure to be the cause of a few broken controllers.

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