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I am so grateful that you chose me as your human. You gave me love and company when I felt unworthy of either. You gave me brotherhood and moments of joy when I needed them most. You gave me comfort and snuggles and a friendship I will never forget. Thank you, Brew Bear.

Hearing your little claws clicking on the floor as you hurried to my room with the pace and rhythm of an excited tap dancer is a memory that will always bring me joy. You’d hop up on my bed, stare at me, chirp, maybe paw at me, and wait for me to lift the blankets. Then you’d crawl underneath them and curl up against me, sometimes asking for a few pets in our blanket tent for two, until we both fell asleep.

I think you single-handedly kept the Feline Greenies Dental Treats brand in business, and no cat ever spent as much time patrolling the borders of his family’s land, making sure everyone was safe from outside threats, as you. As I told you in those final moments, we will be okay. I will be okay. You are loved. I love you. I love you, Brew.

You were at once meek and majestic; a lion’s heart inside a gentle, mellow soul. I called you Handsome, many people called you Handsome, interchangeably with your other names like Brewster, Brew Bear, and Breezy, because you’re a dignified, gorgeous, brave little guy.

I also called you “buddy” all the time, and you are my buddy, but you are also my brother and a beloved member of the family. You would hang out in the living room as we watched the newest Spider-Man, you would stomp around the backyard with the rest of us and lie down on the blanket or grass with everyone when we all decided to spend some time outside. You would cheer up our sister Chelsey when she was sad, hang out with our sister Ashley, lord knows you deserve at least a few producer credits on Chicken Bonez songs, and you were sweet enough, strong enough, and wonderful enough to pull me through some of the hardest moments of my life.

I think you maybe had a tough life before we met, and I’m sorry about that. In the human world they would say that we rescued you, but you know it was the other way around.

Thank you, Brewster. I love you.

Your human,

- Curtis

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