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Video Production & Editing - Demo Reel


I've written several TV pilot spec scripts, little wordsmith that I am, but I've also been paid to write! From magazine and website articles to scripts for YouTube and corporate training videos, I've written for many varied projects over the years. Here are some highlights:

WriterDuet 48 Hour Screenplay Throwdown Entries:

2B or Not 2B - 2021 Semi-Finalist

The competition rules stipulated that all screenplays had to reveal a secret and involve a pencil in some way. My four page script 2B or Not 2B was selected as a semi-finalist.

Picture Perfect - 2022 Semi-Finalist

The rules for the 2022 competition included working in the theme "now or never" and required the scripts be no more than three pages. Picture Perfect was selected as a semi-finalist.

I've written over a hundred articles for Gamerant, but two of my favourites are:

1) GLAAD Reveals Winners of 32nd Annual Show - An article in which I was able to cover a serious topic in great detail.

2) Minecraft Player Creates Horrifying Giant Chicken - An article in which I was able to cover a very light, humorous topic and have fun with the idea.

Drama High - A Channel 101 Pilot:

I wrote and directed this pilot for Channel 101 about the children of celebrities doing their best in school. The pilot was nominated for the Best Failed Pilot award at the 2021 Channies.

Graphic Design Highlights

Willow Meet and Greet Vertical

A poster design for Willow EOL featuring the company's founders, Reena and Michelle.

Six Seasons and a Podcast

Podcast cover art for Six Seasons & a Podcast, a show where the host Alex interviews cast and crew from the NBC sitcom Community.

Leadership IG Cover

Instagram highlight cover icon.

Hot Takes Podcast

Podcast cover art for the show Hot Takes, based on the logo for Tabasco hot sauce.

Drake Joeyband

Instagram image made for Joeyband, a company specializing in baby carrying devices, based on the Drake album cover.

Cuphead Art

A drawing of Cuphead chasing a calendar. Used for an article about the DLC for the game being delayed.

Bad Hombre Title Screen

Title page logo for the retro style, anti-Trump game Bad Hombre.

Additional Video Editing & Services

As a video creator and editor I've worked on many things including wedding videos, adverts for Facebook and Instagram, corporate training videos, and fun, goofy YouTube videos. Here are some prime selections of my work:

OHKO Entertainment - This video is part of OHKO's let's play of Mario Maker. While it looks like a straight play-through there are actually a ton of sneaky edits in this one. A lot of the time when the screen goes black upon a character's death, whole minutes and run throughs are cut out. Sometimes this required some rearranging of the audio and other tricks, but the end result is what appears to be a 19 minute play-through from what was about 40 minutes of footage.

Ryan & Sarah's Wedding - Shot, edited, and colour corrected by myself (with a small crew for the alternate angles during the ceremony).

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