Video Production & Editing - Demo Reel

Freelance Writing

I've written several TV pilot spec scripts, little wordsmith that I am, but I've also been paid to write! From magazine and website articles to scripts for Youtube and corporate training videos, I've written for many varied projects over the years. Here are some highlights:


I've written hundreds of articles for GameRant but two of my favourites are:

1) GLAAD Reveals Winners of 32nd Annual Show - An article in which I was able to cover a serious topic in great detail.

2) Minecraft Player Creates Horrifying Giant Chicken - An article in which I was able to cover a very light, humorous topic and have fun with it.

Top Eightz:

I wrote (produced, edited, and did voice over for) every video on the Top Eightz YouTube channel. The idea was to make a parody of MatchMojo style pop-culture list content. In the video below I countdown the top eight Don McLean songs, the joke being that every song is American Pie as that's the only Don McLean song most people know.

Podcast Cover Art

Instagram Story Covers

Additional Video Shooting and Editing

As a video creator and editor, I've worked on many things including wedding videos, adverts for Facebook and Instagram, corporate training videos, and fun, goofy YouTube videos. Here are some prime selections of my work:

Top Eightz - My slightly NSFW YouTube channel that lovingly pokes fun at WatchMojo style YouTube channels.

Ryan & Sarah's Wedding - Shot, edited, colour corrected.

PIXEL ART for Miscellaneous Projects