BAD HOMBRE is currently available for WINDOWS through STEAM for $11.99 USD.

Can you scale the wall?  Can you run, climb, and jump over the ladders, girders, and traps in order to bring drugs into America? Not if Trumpy and the 'muricans have anything to say about it!  If you're going to succeed you're going to have to stun enemies with your Mexican throwing rocks.  You'll need to find the keys to unlock the doors on the Pence Fences.  You'll have to avoid getting hit by the Tacos from Trump Tower Grill (the best tacos... everyone says).


BAD HOMBRE takes 1985 arcade platforming and combines it with present day democratic disaster for the ultimate combination of those two unrelated things!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bad attitude, grab some drugs, and get your un-American ass into the United States of the USA.


Ama a todos!

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